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  1. Intro
  2. Types of issues
  3. Install a new extractor
  4. Polish the hammer
  5. Chamber damage
  6. Magazines
  7. Ammunition
  8. Replacement parts
  9. California compliance parts
  10. Adding a rail

6: Magazines

Most people report the factory TEC-22 magazines work well. Avoid anything else that has plastic feed lips. The Butler Creek Steel Lips magazines seem to work well and aren't too expensive.


7: Ammunition

Ideally your TEC-22 will function with common bulk ammo. It may be that it operates better with higher energy ammo. Some people swear by CCI MiniMags for this gun but I saw no improvement. Now that I've polished the hammer I have reliable operation with Winchester M-22 bulk ammo (bulk 40 grain @ 1255 FPS = 190 J of muzzle energy -- fairly hot). Hopefully it will function with any bulk ammo.


8: Replacement parts

Replacement parts seem to be drying up for these guns. This makes sense since they've been out of production for nearly 20 years. Check GunBroker and eBay for parts. I had some luck asking an eBay seller that was selling various TEC-22 parts for a part they didn't have listed.

Broken firing pins seem to be the most common issue.


9: California compliance parts

Live in California? Have a TEC-22? It's an "assault weapon" in this state. If you didn't register it with the state in 2000 then you're probably in possession of this weapon illegally. I had really nasty solution to this initially but then I saw what people were using for compliance parts on AK-pattern rifles and made this up in an afternoon:

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It's just sheet metal that I've cut and bent in the same general pattern as an AK mag release shroud but wider so it fits the TEC-22 trigger guard. If you want to replicate this let me know, I can give you the pattern I used.


10: Adding a rail

I wanted to add a rail for mounting a red dot just for the heck of it. I've seen a couple people glue rails directly to the receiver but I wanted something reversible. Here's what I came up with. I took a Magpul L4 MOE rail section and some 1/2" x 1/8" disc magnets, cut 1/8" deep holes into the rail with a drill press and a Forstner bit, and glued the magnets into the rail. The indentations on the top cover provide guides to align the rail reliably so that it can be removed and re-attached without losing zero. Some minor fitting of the rail to the top cover was required.

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