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6-string lap steel

  1. Intro
  2. Design
  3. Laminating the body
  4. Cutting the body profile
  5. Headstock details
  6. Bridge details
  7. Electronics
  8. Pickup + wiring cavities
  9. Nearly complete
  10. Fretboard
  11. Freboard inlays
  12. Final pics

11: Freboard inlays

Not much to say here, followed some instructions I found online and used a dremel. It came out pretty rough so there is a lot of CA glue filling around the ixthus inlay. Hopefully it doesn't show after it's got a finish on it.

The pictures are from just after sanding down to 600 grit. The purple heart will change color considerably over the next few days.

(click for full size)

(click for full size)


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