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Simple DIY piezo pickup for a cello

  1. Intro
  2. Piezo tab
  3. Assembly
  4. Installation

1: Intro

I have a cheap cello that I can barely play. Here's how I added a pickup to it. I got this idea from another site but I forget where. You could use this on other instruments as well, there's nothing special about a cello.


2: Piezo tab

I got this from either Mouser or Digikey, I forget. It's labeled MEAS-SPEC.COM, I'm sure they can help you source one. I think it was around $4.

(click for full size)


3: Assembly

I just used some spare audio cable and aluminum foil. Piezos have a property I don't remember learning in school: they pick up EM interference just like an electro-magnetic pickup. So they must be fully shielded.

(click for full size)

(click for full size)


4: Installation

You can put these pretty much anywhere that sounds good. I stuck it under the treble foot of the bridge. Underside of the top is another good location.

(click for full size)