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Fender Bassman 5B6 amplifier

  1. Intro
  2. Circuit analysis
  3. Parts from the graveyard
  4. Output transformer characterization
  5. Transformer pinouts
  6. Layout
  7. Chassis finishing
  8. Labels
  9. Wiring it up
  10. Testing
  11. Debug
  12. Hum hunting
  13. Too much bass
  14. Hum hunting II
  15. Phase inverter distortion
  16. Hum hunting III (power supply ripple)
  17. Bass control
  18. Master Volume
  19. Bumping up the power supply voltage
  20. Experimenting with 6V6 power tubes
  21. Cabinet
  22. Sound clips

21: Cabinet

A friend helped me get some boards cut with some hand tools (hand planer, hand saw, etc). He turned out some pretty bad-ass, flat, square boards. The wood is 3/4" Peruvian walnut.

(click for full size)

There's the box glued/nailed together. It still needs sanding and finishing.

(click for full size)

There's the grill I'm making for it. I found some 1/8"x1/2" aluminum stock and a sheet of flattened aluminum mesh on ebay. Ebay has a surprising assortment of metal in hobby quantities. All the aluminum together was about $25. That may seem expensive but most metal vendors don't do small quantities.

(click for full size)

The grill turned out really well. Aluminum is surprisingly easy to work with and paints well. I used the same primer/paint/clearcoat as for the chassis.


22: Sound clips

This clip was recorded with an SM57 clone about a foot from the cabinet. The cabinet is a DIY 1x12 open back cab with an Eminence Swamp Thang (a bass-heavy speaker). The guitar is a MIM Telecaster with treble maxed out. The first bit is the neck pickup and the rest is the bridge pickup. Note: the occasional clicks are an issue with my recording setup, not the amp.

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