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Bassitone lap steel

  1. Intro
  2. Paint job
  3. Final pics

1: Intro

I got a request for a bass lap steel but we eventually drifted the design towards a dual bass/baritone. For lack of a better word I am calling this a "bassitone".

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The body is a solid block of maple, about 42" long. It is quite heavy.

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We decided to put the bass strings on the left half and baritone on the right. The scale length is 30" for both sets. The headstock shape and layout worked out well, though some string trees (not installed yet) are required to get the right break angle and to lessen the lateral tension on the nut, which isn't desirable.


2: Paint job

The patron sent the body out to a shop that paints motorcycles and told them to just go for it. Turned out very nice. It's impossible to do this justice without setting up the lighting better than I've done here, the whole top is a very deep sparkle finish.

(click for full size)