Audio Artillery

Fire zee missiles!

This is a small site to document some of my miscellaneous projects.

Heat Treat Oven Leslie Speaker Box Firefly low-wattage tube amp Hobby MCU Notes V-M 160 vintage tube amp servicing Knife #2 Santoku
Harmony H164 acoustic guitar repair Harmony H47 Mercury Stratotone electric guitar repair Simple DIY piezo pickup for a cello Making Japanese Style Knife Handles Bassitone lap steel Fender Bassman 5B6 amplifier
H44 Stratotone Copy Lyra/Bruno parlor guitar repair Univox Coily electric guitar repair Mandocello Synthesizer project using Line6 Tonecore dev kit ToneCore DSP Developer Kit Guide
Harmony H1327 archtop guitar repair Knife #1 Paring Knife 6-string lap steel Harmony H1457 archtop guitar repair Fender 1000 Pedal Steel Guitar