Audio Artillery

Fire zee missiles!

This is a small site to document some of my miscellaneous projects.

6-string lap steel Making Japanese Style Knife Handles Knife #1 Paring Knife Leslie Speaker Box Synthesizer project using Line6 Tonecore dev kit Hobby MCU Notes
Harmony H1327 archtop guitar repair ToneCore DSP Developer Kit Guide Heat Treat Oven Mandocello Univox Coily electric guitar repair Firefly low-wattage tube amp
Fender Bassman 5B6 amplifier Knife #2 Santoku Harmony H1457 archtop guitar repair Fender 1000 Pedal Steel Guitar H44 Stratotone Copy Lyra/Bruno parlor guitar repair
V-M 160 vintage tube amp servicing Bassitone lap steel Harmony H47 Mercury Stratotone electric guitar repair Harmony H164 acoustic guitar repair Simple DIY piezo pickup for a cello